Read­ing Guide

The main objective of this annual report is to inform stakeholders and interested parties about GasTerra’s vision and its activities. Because Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in the conduct and undertakings of GasTerra staff, the company has been reporting the financial and social elements in one annual report for years now. In previous years (2012 and 2013), KPMG only reviewed the issues in the annual report that were related the sustainable target areas Green and Groningen. In 2014, KPMG expanded the scope of the assurance to include the Gas segment. 


GasTerra has translated the three basic principles of CSR – People, Planet, Profit – into three areas that tie in with the company’s activities: Gas, Green and Groningen. Here, Gas stands for the operating results, Green for our ambition to contribute to a socially responsible energy transition, and Groningen for the society of which we are a part. All of GasTerra’s activities can be traced back to these pillars and Gas, Green and Groningen therefore form the main structure of this annual report.


GasTerra issues an annual report every year. This report relates to the calendar year 2014. Compared to the previous annual report (on calendar year 2013, publication date 13 February 2014), no significant changes have been made to scope, definition, formulation and applied measurement methods. 

The annual report 2014 was drawn up on the basis of the fourth generation guidelines for sustainability reporting (GRI G4). We report at core level. We also report in accordance with the legal requirements for annual reporting from Section 391, Part 9, Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code. Which GRI indicators the company has included in its report are listed in the GRI index. KPMG subsequently verified this. 

In addition to the guidelines for sustainably reporting, we also test our annual report against the transparency benchmark of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The annual report 2013 scored 154 out of 200 points, 22 points more than in 2012. At the very least, we aim to match this score with this annual report.